Kefir Drink Why Drink Kefir?

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Why drink kefir, you may ask. Kefir tops the list of endorsed fermented drinks and foods that have healthy benefits. The creamy fermented milk drink is similar to drinkable yoghurt and it is made from kefir grains fermenting milk. The probiotic nature of the drink is what makes it very beneficial. There are however so […]

Fresh Kefir Grains Live Kefir Grains – How to Buy and Preserve Them

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Kefir grains can be defined as small bacteria, kefiran and yeast communities which exist in gummy, solid grain looking masses that tend to multiply when they are cared for. The grains are produced by lactic acid bacteria and multiply when fermented. The microorganisms grow bigger and bigger leading to the production of bacteria which builds […]

Kefir fruit and grain Breakfast Kefir Health Benefits

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Kefir is a cultured dairy product that is made by fermenting milk and kefir grains that are made up of yeast, polysaccharides and lactic acid bacteria. The product is very popular because it is rich in probiotics leading to great health benefits to those who add it to their diets. The fermented milk can be […]
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