Here are KCN's products which have been developed to get you started with home Kefir production:

Refresher Pack

The Refresher Pack contains two replacement sachets of Kefir Culture (Pure frieze – dried Kefir Grain} and is only for use with the Kefir Maker. Please store in the refrigerator until you use it. With proper


Kefir E-Book

This beautifully presented E-Book is a comprehensive look into the world of Kefir. It is essential reading to give you all the knowledge to produce fresh and healthy Kefir on a continuous basis. It has a


Customer Starter Kit

The Customer Starter pack contains One Kefir Maker, One Refresher Pack, and The Kefir E-Book ( Digital download).It contains enough Culture for month after months of continuously producing probiotic Kefir, all the information you will ever